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Bringing the Future into the Present


Presentation For

  • Authorities
  • Real estate developers
  • Partner companies
  • Lawyers and trustees
  • Architect offices

About Madeira

Madeira was elected “World’s Leading Island Destination” in 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 by the World Travel Awards.

In 2013, 2014, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021 Madeira won the “Europe’s Leading Island Destination” prize, having competed in this category alongside major tourist destinations such as the Canary Islands, Balearic Islands, Sardinia, Malta, Cyprus, among others.




The Project Idea

Experimental housing and ecotourism platform

1. Sustainable for the future generation

2. Meeting place for research and development

3. Exchange for environmentally conscious high-tech companies

4. Great participatory project

5. Who experiments with green high-tech robotics and artificial intelligence

6. A project that carries social and environmental value dedicated to all generations from our children to our parents


Different stakeholders give the project an important value added

1. Founding Members: treat the project, live here and manage it

2. Private Investors: participate financially and will also live in the Eco Lab Village

3. Local companies: construct and build the houses until their completion

4. High-tech companies: use the site for research and development; for technological interaction and as an extraordinary communication tool

5. Institutional and governmental resources: create new jobs, accessible housing for domestic people and a new research center.

Conclusion: A very suitable project to increase the attractiveness of the island for high-tech companies, for eco-tourism, for the local population and especially for young people.

The Value Added

Funchal Project

Eco Lab Village of Funchal, 9 hectares facing south, massive ocean views, 5 minutes from the capital Funchal and all facilities.


























Who is involved?

Currently there are these proposed architectural projects:

Two innovative and avant-garde architectural projects are proposed on the magnificent 9-hectare site that will host the Eco Lab Village on the heights of Funchal, with architect Hugo Aires and landowner Joao Marrafa: Valorisation of the site in Funchal.

1. Biotekt Ecospheres: BIOTEKT is a unique combination of old and new technologies and sustainable construction methods: Earth berm construction, green roofs and walls, passive solar design, and prefabricated composite shells.

2. WASP 3D: Wasp 4D Pioneer in the construction of sustainable housing modules in 3D printing based on 100% natural raw materials directly from the ground of the construction site. Earth, water, vegetable fibers.


How is it to live in an Eco Lab Village?

  • Comfortable and pleasant
  • Ecologically conscious and economically interesting
  • Vibrant and multi-generational
  • Innovative and future-oriented

In short: It’s fun!

How does it look like?

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change" - Albert Einstein

Who is behind the project?

Jules Jean Philippe Schmid

  • Autodidact, born into an entrepreneur family
  • Avant-gardist, recognised for 40 years
  • Business and Project creator
  • [email protected]

Anaide Moos

  • Head of social affairs
  • Experienced in children and youth rights
  • Head: Association «Ecoliving des fontaines»
  • [email protected]

Manuel Mar Lago

Biotekt CEO

Peter Bachman

  • Economist, entrepreneur
  • Lives part-time in Santa Cruz
  • Project support
  • [email protected]

Kurt Hahn

Kalman Bercy

Diana Carvalho

Other Partners and Sponsors

  • Founding members of Eco Lab Village
  • Business Partners: Biotekt, WASP 3D
  • Other supporters, financiers, friends..



  • Study & Construction 200,000 €
  • Funchal In development, estim.: 16’000’000 €


  • Housing Units in planning
  • Costs per Unit in planning
  • Estimated local income (constr./others) in planning

Eco Lab Village Madeira Business Plan

What are the conditions and the prices to become a project partner?

To be founding partners grants a right;

  • To inspect and participate in the development of the project
  • To be part of the constitution of the NGO
  • To participate in the construction site
  • Of residence at very favorable conditions

The price of the partnership;

  • Founding residents: rent paid in advance for 5 to 10 years
  • Participate financially or in benefits
  • Active companies on the site: from 100’000€ per year

Interested to become a partner?

Your next step to become a partner?

There are different possibilities to support the Eco Lab Village:

1.Share the values of EcoLab Village Madeira

2. Participate in the financing or realization of EcoLab Village Madeira

3. Participate in the communication of EcoLab Village Madeira

4. Use the EcoLab Village Madeira platforms for research or experimentation

5. Be a

  • sponsor watcher (ethical observer) of the EcoLab Village platforms
  • sponsor (logistical and/or economic contribution)
  • donor (private foundations)

Thanks in advance!

EcoLab Village is very innovative, but we are not alone

  • Other approaches exists already in in Scandinavia and elsewhere in the world
  • Are being studied in Portugal or even more closely in Porto Santo.


The project “EcoLab Village” is great

  • It will have an interesting economic return
  • It will considering the image return and attractiveness of the island,
  • It will attract and seduce businesses and keep one’s youth


EcoLab Village is a participatory project, that will come to life, when…

  • the converging common interests are sufficiently important and
  • the snowball effect works – The more it rolls, the more it grows.


A Special Thanks to Our Partners

We thank you for your interest...

...and look forward to our further contact!
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